Jillian Roe

Jillian Roe has always been a hustler with a passion for fashion and retail.   Jillian started her career in women’s fashion as a wholesaler, repping various brands going door-to-door throughout New York City selling her clothing lines to new retailers.  After sharpening her sales skills on the streets of NYC, she moved to retail management where she had a successful career on the operations side of the business, managing Anthropologie stores throughout California and New York City for Urban Brands, Inc.  It was while learning what it takes to run a successful retail store, Jillian recognized the importance of having the right location, which inspired her to pursue a career in real estate.


Jillian is a self proclaimed Pizza Connoisseur and can tell you where to find the best slices throughout all of NYC.


Jillian graduated from The University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Retailing with a Minor in  Business / Consumer Science.